Monday, May 29, 2017

Gettysburg National Military Park Artist Residency

"Blood and Earth" Study on 9x12 panel

I have some exciting news to share that through the selection of the National Park Arts Foundation I was chosen to be the Artist in Residence for July-August of 2018! I'm so thrilled and wake up everyday thinking and praying about what God has to show me there. Truly this will be a growing experience for me as I look at the landscape through the lens of war and what it means to be hallowed ground.

I've been having dreams about Gettysburg even before I heard whether I had gotten the residency or not. This was from a dream as I was reading more about Plum Run (or Bloody Run). The fighting was so heavy in this area that the creek, Plum Run, ran red with the blood of the men.

I'll write more later. I've been recovering from the flu and still feel very tired even after just doing simple tasks. Hope you all have a chance to remember those who have fallen. 

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