Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Plein Air works from Illinois, Oklahoma, and Dallas

 "Olympic Sea" 6x9 Oil on Panel

Had some time recently to finish some older studies. I loved this place. Olympic National Park is amazing.

 "Sleepy Fields" 7x5, Oil on Panel

This was in Illinois while visiting over Thanksgiving last year. I loved the cool shadow on the furrow.

 *No Title Yet* 6x9, Oil on Canvas

I did this at a park in Richardson, Texas. A nice cool day with the water through the rocks and light through the new budding trees.

 "Preserve" 7x5, Oil on Panel

This was done in Oklahoma on the Wildlife Preserve. It is just beautiful there. Probably my favorite piece I've done in a long time. Had a buffalo sleeping down the valley as I was painting this.

 "Warm and Cool" 7x5, Oil on Panel

Hubby and I backpacked out to the waterfalls at the Wildlife Preserve near Lawton, OK. It was a hot day but the cool shade let me take a nice break from the sun. I liked the play of cool and warm shadows on the rocks.

 "Lookout from Mt. Scott" 5x7, Oil on Canvas

From the top of Mt. Scott we could see way out. I liked trying at the atmospheric shadows and highlights in the distance.

 *No Title Yet* 7x5, Oil on Panel

This was done at my in-laws house on their property in Illinois. It's just so beautiful when the light hits the trees and grass a certain way.

*No Title Yet* 7x5, Oil on Panel

This was also done at my in-laws property in Illinois. So many wonderful trees there.

I know it's been a long time since I posted but I've been working and have some news to share in a few days.

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