Thursday, February 9, 2017

"Overflow," 36x48, Oil on Canvas

"Overflow," 36x48, Oil on Canvas

It seems like I'm trying to avoid social media more and more these days. Over the past few weeks I've backed away on purpose. Not saying that the solution to our problems is to avoid them. Of course, we have to have serious discussion about Refugees, Immigration, Education...the list goes on and on. Social Media doesn't seem the right platform for a good talk with another human being. I had to back away because it was all "noise." With mine added in. I started to feel helpless. The problems seemed insurmountable.

As I was painting this I just wanted to convey something of the power of grace. This unending, relentless force that flows from the core of God. Whenever I get close to despair I have to get my eyes on beauty and goodness. It strengthens me to my very bones. It shapes me as water shapes rocks over time.

I don't have the answers to the world's problems and I certainly am not giving up on loving people who are not like me. I think that right now we could all use a big plunge into the everlasting...the magnificence of mercy. I believe we could all use the reminder that any true love comes from an overflow of God's love. Let's not forget that His love changed the world and is still changing it...even as it is steadfast.

Praying with you friends. For an overflow of kindness, goodness, truth and sweet beauty. Not fake, plastic surgery beauty. But a beauty that would cause us to be better people for having seen it.

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