Friday, January 27, 2017

"Presence" 36x36, Oil on Gessobord

"Presence" 36x36, Oil on Gessobord

I've been reading a book, The Old Ways by Robert MacFarlane. It's a beautiful, thoughtful book about the trails that are left by man on the landscape. Many of the chapters are an exploration of England's wilder moors and mountains. 

I've also come from reading Silence, by Endo, Silence and Beauty by Makoto Fujimura and watching the film, Silence, Directed by Martin Scorcsese. All of these left a deep impression on me. I will not talk about that in this post. But I will say that the mist in the movie seemed to be it's own character. I noticed it in the novel as well but of course visually it was just stunning. There were moments when the mist hid the priests and saved their lives. There were moments of deep spiritual clarity that came and went with the lifting of the mist. There was a deep thirst for the spiritual throughout the film and yet this heavy, thick mist (full of water of course). As if God was right there, waiting.

I have always felt mist to be a very spiritual visual. For me it is much like prayer. I never see clearly everything that is there but I am wrapped in a veil. I see what is right in front of me and that is enough.

In the painting I wanted the mountain to be almost fully veiled in mist. Like a lightness of air put on something immovable and large.

MacFarlane writes, "...we customarily imagine mountains in terms of their external surfaces and outward-facing forms: cliffs, plateaux, pinnacles, ridges and scarps. But mountains are also defined by their interiors: their corries, caves, hollows and valleys, and by the depth of their rivers, lochs and lochans. Once our eyes have learnt to see that mountains are composed of absent space as well as massy presence, then we might also come to imagine walking not "up" a mountain but "into" a mountain...searching not for the great outdoors but instead for profound interiors and deep recesses..."

For me, that's what I'm after in the painting. This topography of the mountain blanketed by a thick mist. A spiritual place as God was present on mountains and in mist/cloud/smoke. We can stand and be quieted by presence.

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