Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Brushworks in Juvi

One of the Students' final work, Anger and Flow (peace)

Thank you all for the prayers last week. The class was small. Only had 4 kids (2 boys and 2 girls). I went over some rules (some of which I share in a photo below). Blue and Red are significant colors to these kids because they are the colors of two dominant gangs. In a painting class we need to be able to let that go and just use them as COLORS. Lots of talk last week about "my favorite is red miss. You know. It's MY color." And lots of knowing looks to each other. Ugh. So this week I just went ahead and told them this is ART WORLD and in Art World there is no gang colors. I also was able to talk about their right to be respected (as well as mine) and their right to learn and be safe. Huge thank you to Dee Jones for helping me talk through rules and guidelines in the classroom.

I asked one student if I could share his painting with you. He's an African American young man. I have found him to be respectful and insightful when I ask questions. I have appreciated how he gets right to the assignment and does the work. On the left side is Anger and on the right side is what he calls his Flow (chill). I think he hit it very well as the assignment was to keep to a few colors with no symbols or forms and to pick two different emotions (prefer two contrasting ones). He is especially receptive to prayer.

This may seem like scribble or just color to you all but I am hoping that he sees how he can express himself (safely) through paint. Pray for God to use this to open some windows for some of them.

I am enjoying the class and ask that you please continue to pray for me to know how to best reach these precious ones.

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