Tuesday, December 6, 2016

"Spirit" and "Green Pasture" 5x7 on Canvas Panel

"Spirit" 5x7, Oil on Canvas Panel

I tried some dry pigment with linseed oil and liked the light I got with this one. A very cool blue. I'm trying to play with the materials to see what I might do for a larger piece. Oh, how I love blue. A truly spiritual color.

"Green Pasture" 5x7, Oil on Canvas Panel

I tried a very simplified palette. I want to try this one bigger but will change up the landscape a bit. I liked the cool mist.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Studies this Week: Tree Sketch, graphite on paper, "Olympic Sea 1" and "Olympic Sea II" both 6x8 on Canvas

"Olympic Sea I" 6x8, Oil on Canvas

"Olympic Sea II" 6x8, Oil on Canvas

"Tree Sketch" Graphite on paper

I'm having a great time in the studio this week just getting some good practice in for larger works in 2017. Trying different colorings and also working at the shapes of things.