Wednesday, November 30, 2016

"Converge" 5x7, Oil on Oil Primed Canvas

"Converge" 5x7, Oil on Canvas

Got to paint with my Dad and my Sister on Thanksgiving afternoon. It was a lovely day. I kept telling them that these two trees seemed to be "talking." It was only later that I realized they weren't just talking they were like a couple coming together to form a larger canopy.

We had fun sitting out on a cool day (but not too cold) talking and enjoying the act of creating together. That was the best part.


  1. Last Christmas Day, in Denmark with my son, Peter, we went to a park with the little thumb-box you suggested years ago that I get(!) and both of us painted en plein air! I treasure the watercolor he gave me and had such a wonderful time, one of the best Christmases Ever, sharing that beautiful experience with my precious son. xoxo

    1. That is a precious memory Maureen. One that he won't forget either!