Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Opening and Grace Points

The wonderful NPAF Vice President, Bettina Gilois and 
the beautiful Mary Tomas, owner of Mary Tomas Gallery. 

I have just been sitting in such gratitude these past weeks as I think back over a great opening night for "Reverence." I was honored to have Bettina Gilois attend as the VP of the National Park Arts Foundation. She is also the screenplay writer for McFarland USA (starring Kevin Costner) and Glory Road. I was humbled by her kindness to be at the show. Mary is not only my partner through the arts as I have been represented with them for several years but she is also an exquisite painter. I can honestly say that her and Alberto Tomas work tirelessly for their artists. 

Opening night was busy and I talked until 8:00 pm! Thank you all who attended! It was MY honor to see you there.

 One of my dear friends, Kendra Walden

 One of the dearest friends I am blessed to know, Sara Agold and her lovely Mom Dianne Meyer came to the show. Sara drove all the way from College Station. What a blessing to my heart!

 Some other pics with Bettina Gilois and the man all the way to the right is Harry Goaz the Big Bend National Park Artist in Residence for 2016. He starred on a very well known TV show, Twin Peaks as Deputy Andy Brennan. It was an honor to have him there!

 This dear friend, Peggy Denham and her husband, John came down to Texas and were able to spend some time with me to go see the show. It was a special day to be with such beautiful people.

 A pic of the gallery set up of the show

One of the larger pieces, "Sierra del Carmen" 36x72 which was sold recently

 "Smoke on the Mountain" 55x55, Sold

"Edge of Heaven" 55x55, Sold

 "The Morning He Left" 12x36, Sold

 "Majesty" 18x36, Sold to some of the dearest folks you would ever meet. 
Charlie and Jeanette thank you! What an honor to be in your beautiful home!

 "Blue Storm" 10x10, Sold to the incredible Carol. Love you!

 "Madrone Tree" Sold

 "Storm King" Sold to a dear man who I have come to deeply respect and cherish as a friend.

"Sunrise over the Chisos" Sold

It's a tough thing to share ones' heart and thoughts about a landscape. I confess that I walked into the opening nervous. It was such a grace to see the love and the acceptance of the works. As I was reminded by a dear mentor, "TRUST, that God has this." And He did. Ultimately, just like in the wilderness, He had me. 

I am extremely grateful not only to God who gave such an outpouring of love to me but to you dear friends. I kept notes during my time of nervousness and fear and felt God telling me to just write down all the times I saw grace. I started calling it Grace Notes and I'm still writing down the moments! It's kept the nervousness and fear away whenever I look at it and remind myself that God is here, right here.

THANK YOU for spending your precious time to come see the show. It's still up for three more weeks so if you haven't seen it yet you still have time! Please feel welcome and if I can meet you to talk with you more please don't hesitate to do that.