Thursday, September 15, 2016

"For An-Magritt" 12x12, Oil on Gessobord

"For An-Magritt" 12x12, Oil on Gessobord

Finished this little painting for a sweet friend of mine who now lives in Norway. 

We met in the Philippines on the playground of our Missionary Kid school. I was starting 4th grade after being home schooled and she was in 3rd. The school seemed so huge at the time and I felt very alone and afraid. My days had been spent with animals and in nature and now it was buses, teachers and recess, mixed with kids that weren't always kind. Especially to wall-flowers like me.

I'm not sure she remembers this but she was the very first person to notice me and ask me to come and play with her. There is something very loving in asking another person into their lives. I believe God makes some people natural, "includers." As if they have a radar for those of us who are in need of a push or wink towards the group. An-Magritt is one of those people. A person with a ready smile and willingness to let someone else into what they are doing that day.

An-Magritt, I know we live far away from each other but I thank you for that sweet memory. I feel like we have both learned to look at nature as a window into the spiritual. We both see God there, waiting to include us in His bigger beauty.

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