Thursday, July 21, 2016

"Nugent Mountain In Morning Mist" 24x20, Oil on Canvas

"Nugent Mountain" 24x20, Oil on Canvas

I've been wrestling with this one since I painted it back in November. I really love this mountain as it is where I camped with my husband the first night I was in Big Bend. I went back to it multiple times because of it's shape and presence. The particular morning I was trying to paint was almost a white out with fog. I tried in the first few paintings to bring it to the viewer in stark detail and really didn't like it. I kept adding layers until it was almost completely hidden with just that stark red rock peeping through. 

I think sometimes it's more truthful to the mountain to veil it. That may sound crazy but it helps us see it's mystery and the lines of it's rock. It gives us a way of seeing INTO the earth when it is surrounded by mist. Too much detail distracts us from what is really there.

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