Thursday, June 23, 2016

"Mist and Shadow" 48x48, Oil on Canvas

"Mist and Shadow" 48x48, Oil on Canvas

A beautiful morning had begun with a soft mist that filled the floor of the desert. I loved the shadows that would happen to the mountains. By mid day all the drama was gone, burned away to the details of rock and one flat color. But in the morning or at dusk they seemed to come alive. Gloriously alive!

On this morning I saw the blue mist surround the mountain. I stood for a long time watching the light move and the soft cloud curl as if a wave was crashing on a shore. All is dry and light in this place yet there was this cool mist overnight. Bringing green and a sweet softening.

Oh, the beauty of Big Bend. You must see it for yourself. I hope you will.

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