Friday, May 27, 2016

"Sound of the Desert" 36x36, Oil on Gessobord

"Sound of the Desert" 36x36, Oil on Gessobord

I don't usually put any animal life in my paintings simply because I am after the "story" of the landscape. The movement, color and flow of the living thing we call the earth. I couldn't help myself, however, when I did this painting. This little Cactus Wren is really the image of Big Bend. Life is teeming there if you only look for it. My friend, David Elkowitz (the Ranger), helped me see that so clearly on the hikes I took with him. I have never appreciated birds so much until I was forced to really SEE them and listen.

We were able to see this tiny creature sit on top of a Sotol stem that grows out from the yucca. Such resilience and beauty in the desert.

I felt like that tiny bird in this vast landscape. I was overwhelmed and yet held and provided for. Something God brought me to the desert to experience. He is my water. My shelter. My all.

You can go HERE to hear their distinct call.

close up of the Cactus Wren

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

"Edge of Heaven" 55x55, Oil on Canvas

"Edge of Heaven" 55x55, Oil on Canvas

This is from my journal during my time at Big Bend National Park:

"One incredible gift we miss in the cities are the sense of stars. We literally cannot see them because of our artificial lights. This vast space twinkling in color above us and we do not even see it. The Milky Way is sliding across the sky in beautiful rivers of light. How many wonders are we missing?"

I was kindly reminded by a Mentor of mine that taking a Sabbath is necessary. He wrote me that It's not just ceasing from work but from STRIVING. Perhaps in the city we don't truly know how to rest. Striving has become a natural part of being Wife, Mom, and Artist. How much am I missing by keeping my head down and "getting through it?" 

As I painted this I actually wept in joy. I remembered the sweet time I had hiking the mountain on the left with my oldest daughter. I remembered how deeply I felt God HAD ME in Big Bend. And He has me still. 

I love the rocks and edges of mountains against a sky. These are all metaphors. Pictures. Something in me goes pretty deep when it comes in the package of beauty and space. It seems to center me on what is right and good. He is. And I don't have to work for Him or try to catch His attention. He's all in. His love goes on and on.