Thursday, February 18, 2016

"When Suffering is Redemptive" Edited by Dr. Larry Waters

Book cover is my painting, "Beatitude"
Book is released in October 2016

 I am very pleased to share that my beloved father, Dr. Larry Waters edited this book and my sister, Dee Jones did the sketches for each chapter. I was kindly allowed to submit for the cover of the book and they chose this painting called, "Beatitude." We are all so grateful to have gotten to do this together. Please pray that this book will be a deep encouragement to those that read it.

Synopsis from the Publisher, Weaver Book Company:

"The seven stories of this book do not seek to explain the why of suffering, but rather present ways that God can transform and redeem suffering in the life of the individual and in the Christian community. The stories are personal, sometimes difficult to tell. The authors are transparent with their struggles and honest in their questions, yet they have not lost sight of Christ and his purpose for their lives. The natural reaction to suffering is anger, confusion, and feelings of alienation from God. But the eventual end should be redemption—the faithful sufferer and the suffering transformed for the glory of God."

Here is one of my sisters sketches inside the book:

I love her use of words flowing through the artwork as well as the drawings. 

All done in free hand. She is amazing.

The Chapters are:

1. Redeeming the Worse Pain Known to Medical Science: Suffering and the Mission of God
            Larry J. Waters

2. Redeeming a Life of Paralysis: Broken Wholeness
            Mark Talbot

3. Redeeming Chronic Pain: When Surgery Fails
            Mark McGinniss

4. Redeeming Disability: Parenting a Child with Special Needs
            Mary Klentzman

5. Redeeming Trauma: The Trials and Triumphs of Emergency Responders
            Steve Calvert

6. Redeeming the Loss of a Spouse: God’s Crucible of Affliction
            Richard Rood

7. Redeeming the Homeless: One Man’s Vision and Experience
            Wayne Walker

8. Redeeming a Life after Suicide: The New Normal
            Bill Bryan

You will be blessed by this lineup of wisdom. I am personally aware of Wayne Walker through his ministry with Our Calling here in Dallas. He reaches out to the homeless community through love. Ranked continually as the top non-profit to give to by the Dallas Morning News, Our Calling has reached into lives like no other. I can't wait to read all of these chapters and get a glimpse of the truths and grace they each one of them hold.

It is an honor to be a part of such a book. Thank you Dad for the precious opportunity to love people with you.

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