Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Settling Back Into City Life and Upcoming Shows

Chief of Interpretations, David Elkowitz, Me and Superintendent Cindy Ott-Jones

This was taken on the morning I left Big Bend National Park. I was able to donate this painting, "Road to the Sky" 18x36, Oil, to the Park. The man standing to my left is the Ranger who took me around to all the remote locations while I was there. He and his wife were so kind and helpful to me. They have all been.  I was actually joking right before this that I am so short!

I've been almost two weeks back home and am slowly getting back to normal. I find myself dreaming about the park at night and missing the smells of the landscape after a rain. I also have started walking almost everyday since my return as it just feels good to get outside. Something that I am grateful to have learned while I was there. I feel rushed in the city and with the upcoming Christmas holidays it seems even more apparent to me how "in a hurry" we all are.

Several friends and family members have mentioned to me how rested I look. I tell them that getting to the Parks is good medicine for the soul. I hope and pray that you can do this too my friends. We all need space, time, rest, reflection, beauty and exploration. Perhaps we have to work to find it in our lives but getting a taste of it has left me changed.

I met with my gallery here in Dallas, Mary Tomas Gallery, and we have slated a one-woman show for May or June (haven't quite set the month yet) but it will be about 6 months out. I am grateful for the time as I want to paint LARGE for the pieces from Big Bend. I am currently working on a 36x72! Please pray for me to do my best and to do them in love. Love for the landscape and for the precious God who allowed me this opportunity to sit and talk with Him. And truly LISTEN. I can't wait to share with you all that is in me. I pray I will be faithful to what I've heard.

Thank you all for your kindness, prayers, friendship and for taking the time to keep up with my art journey. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas. May you have time, real time, to reflect on the depth of hope that is this special season.

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