Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Art for Adoption

"Openings" 6x9, Oil on Panel
Available at Mary Tomas Gallery
Contact: 214-727-5101 
Art for Adoption
 Beautiful puzzle that is coming together from many who love this dear couple.

Last week, by God's grace, 4 pieces sold to help the adoption of Beth and George Butler. I want to just say my deepest thanks to all of you who are sharing this and also who have bought pieces. It gives me great joy to see their "picture" come together through love. Not only through art but through many beautiful ways!

Please just continue to pray and share with me for this precious couple and their child.

The pieces (some of them) will be hung for show on November 21st. But I will be sharing the paintings periodically. If you see a piece that you truly love please contact Mary right away (see the contact info. under the painting).
You may also go to the main website to see ALL of the select works available for Art for Adoption: under the tab: Art for Adoption.

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