Monday, September 28, 2015

Art for Adoption

"Verdant" 5x7, Oil on Panel (framed)
Available at Mary Tomas Gallery
Contact: 214-727-5101 

Art for Adoption

It’s been an honor to get to know my dear friends, Beth and George Butler as they have been journeying through the adoption process. Just getting to watch them and see their fervent love for a child they have never met is so humbling. It makes me so grateful for the three little girls I have. As I was praying about what I could do for my friends the thought came to me that art could have a part to play in love. Why not offer up my smaller nature works for collectors to enjoy as well as to further the work of getting this little child a home? It’s my delight and joy to share that Mary and Alberto Tomas encouraged me to do this through their lovely gallery.  For every purchase of a piece 50% will go towards adoption fees for Beth and George. My hope and desire is that when people see these paintings they might also think of a little child who was thought of and sought after, through the eyes of love. 

The pieces (some of them) will be hung for show on November 21st. But I will be sharing pieces periodically. If you see a piece that you truly love please contact Mary right away (see the contact info. under the painting).

You may also go to the main website to see ALL of the select works available for Art for Adoption: under the tab: Art for Adoption.

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