Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sold, "The Rivers' Line" at Mary Tomas Gallery

"The Rivers' Line" 20x20, Oil on Canvas

I'm very pleased to share this piece was sold recently to a lovely couple at Mary Tomas Gallery. I got the opportunity to spend some time talking with them as they asked questions about how the art is made and my thoughts and feelings behind the work. 

It's conversations like this that help me to communicate heart to heart and I really cherish those times. I could tell they "got me." Something that is truly a gift for any artist. They asked thoughtful questions and weren't out to just collect but to enjoy. Working with Mary and Alberto I am able to see how valuable they are to their artists. They really advocate for them and want the artist to do well. It was a lovely morning having this meeting of hearts over art and nature.

At one point the couple asked me my thoughts about this piece. For me, the lines that wind and furrow through the land are like the living veins of the earth. They reflect the light as the dark earth absorbs and grows. It really is about the love and freedom of nature and our task (as the viewer) to let it continue to bring such beauty into the world.

Thank you Mary and Alberto Tomas for everything!

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