Monday, June 29, 2015

"Wisp" 16x20, Oil on Gessobord

"Wisp" 16x20, Oil on Gessobord

I love trying for the contrasts you see in the sky and those filaments of wisp that distill the light and color.

I pushed the blue until it had that very cool crisp blue (from cobalt) and then blended it with the red to make a deeper purple for the background cloud leading up to the cadmium yellow light. The build up took several weeks.

There is something spiritual in these tender clouds and the mysterious way in which they move and build the colors. I can't say it with words.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sold, "The Rivers' Line" at Mary Tomas Gallery

"The Rivers' Line" 20x20, Oil on Canvas

I'm very pleased to share this piece was sold recently to a lovely couple at Mary Tomas Gallery. I got the opportunity to spend some time talking with them as they asked questions about how the art is made and my thoughts and feelings behind the work. 

It's conversations like this that help me to communicate heart to heart and I really cherish those times. I could tell they "got me." Something that is truly a gift for any artist. They asked thoughtful questions and weren't out to just collect but to enjoy. Working with Mary and Alberto I am able to see how valuable they are to their artists. They really advocate for them and want the artist to do well. It was a lovely morning having this meeting of hearts over art and nature.

At one point the couple asked me my thoughts about this piece. For me, the lines that wind and furrow through the land are like the living veins of the earth. They reflect the light as the dark earth absorbs and grows. It really is about the love and freedom of nature and our task (as the viewer) to let it continue to bring such beauty into the world.

Thank you Mary and Alberto Tomas for everything!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

"Verdant" 5x7, Oil on Linen Primed Panel

"Verdant" 5x7, Oil on Linen Primed Panel

My Mother and Father in law have the most beautiful piece of land that I love to paint when I visit. My favorite time of day is when the green is lush and yellow. The Walnut trees that line the front yard are full of beautiful twists and are furrowed with age. It's also not too hot in the shade.

I used Cadmium Yellow Lemon for that bright green with Ultramarine Blue and some added Permanent Intense Red.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

"Dance of Trees and Water" 6x8, Oil on Canvas

"Dance of Trees and Water" 6x8, Oil on Canvas

I had started this little piece back when my family and I took an overnight hike into some woods. My girls were captivated by the little creek that broke our walk (at just the right time) and I took advantage of the time to paint. When I got back to Dallas I got busy with other work but came back to this piece yesterday as I was out looking at some lovely back lit trees. I ended out using two places to make one image.

I call it the "Dance of Trees and Water" as the water was making that beautiful moving sound over rocks while the trees seemed to bend and sway in the afternoon air. 

Only thing missing was my Dad. Will try to get him out there next time.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

"Release" Arrives in New York!

 "Release" 36x72, Oil on Canvas

I'm very pleased to share that my painting, "Release" arrived safely to Kate Shin Gallery in New York. David Chang, Director of Communications at Waterfall Mansion which houses Kate Shin Gallery sent these pictures.

My painting next to the actual indoor waterfall inside the mansion

Some other pictures of Kate Shin Gallery and the space

Beautiful clean lines and spacing of works

I'm so blessed to share I was able to get a piece into this lovely space. I Pray that it is a blessing to Kate Shin Gallery.

Kate Shin Gallery: located at: 170 East 80th St., New York, NY 10075 (four blocks from Central Park and the Met). For inquiries please email: Please go to Waterfall Mansion for more information.

Monday, June 1, 2015

"Trees in the Mist" 48x48, Oil on Canvas

"Trees in the Mist" 48x48, Oil on Canvas

I keep revisiting the mist and trees. I love mist because it seems like the trees are growing out of cloud. This marriage of land and sky. 

My thought was to have a sloping of White Fir surrounded by a thick mist.