Friday, January 23, 2015

"Release" 10x10, Oil on Canvas (study)

"Release" 10x10, Oil on Canvas

Just finished this little study after a few days of preparing for a larger triptych. I have three 36x36 pieces laying across my studio right now with the drawings on them ready to go. I wanted to figure out the coloring first and thought doing a quick study would give me a better feel for how it would look. 

As I think of grace poured out on our lives I am struck by how God gives us that release. The release from our fears, our striving to be something we aren't. He releases us from the bondage of ourselves. I've been thinking lately how sometimes His grace falls on us in a powerful way and sometimes in hidden trickles. It seems to find its way to the very lowest places.

Please pray for me as I start. I am excited and anxious but I feel this is exactly where I need to be right now. Oh, and my studio is a MESS...and I can't move.

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