Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Fall Print Sale

Print Sale:

I thought it might be time to offer some prints for those of you who would like to get some art for Christmas presents. I will be making an order ONLY for the 5x5 size as the jpgs I have are best in that size.

5x5 prints (on archival paper) are available in these sets:


John 1



 Soft Woodlands


 Lantern in the Forest

 Sets are $50 or $15 for ONE image (that does NOT include tax and shipping). 

Thank you all!
I've closed out the Paypal button so I can order the prints this weekend. Thank you all for your time and support. Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday!

Monday, November 10, 2014

"Afterglow" 20x20, Oil on Canvas

"Afterglow" 20x20, Oil on Canvas

Getting ready for a wonderful show at Mary Tomas Gallery coming up in a few weeks. I hope to showcase a few new skies. I liked the inner glow I got with this painting and worked on the contrasts.

I am captivated by the wisps and swirls that happen with moisture in the atmosphere. Such movement and beauty!