Wednesday, May 21, 2014

"John 1" 36x36, Oil on Canvas

"John 1" 36x36, Oil on Canvas

I have so much to share but I'll try to put that in another blog post in the future. Needless to say I learned so much at the workshop I attended with Mitchell Albala. I learned more about neutrals and the importance of having a high key "zinger" or (brighter color) that is supported by the neutrals. It's like a light bulb went off in my mind.

In my 12x12 study of this piece I believe I got at the "feeling" I was after which was one of mystery (the unknown). I didn't feel like I got at the visual punch I was after. In this one I think I came nearer to it through the help of using shades of grey supported by the same color yellow throughout (even in the light) and in the valley. For me, the purpose of the painting was to show that Jesus came to make the world new, refreshed, reborn. Rain helps to try to visualize that but I think green does that too.

My painting feels energized in a way it hasn't been before. I'm so grateful!


  1. Another beautiful piece you've given us, Dawn! You were such a joy to meet at Mitch's workshop and many things you said to me over that short weekend remain forever etched in my mind. I hope we will grow our friendship over time!! You are a wise, talented, kind woman who exudes Love. Your artwork inspires me!

    1. Maureen, YOU were the one who so kindly drove me around! From the first moment you were so sweet. Thank you my friend! I have laughed and thought about things you have said as well so the feeling is mutual. :) I look forward to getting to know you more and seeing your artwork IN PERSON (I hope) someday.