Monday, April 21, 2014

"Spring Light" 5x7 on Oil Primed Panel, Plein Air

"Spring Light" 5x7 on Oil Primed Panel, Plein Air
This past weekend I got the chance to Plein Air (outdoor) paint with my Dad. We had a great time listening to the geese honking at us (I think they wanted us to move but we happily ignored them) while we painted. It was a beautiful morning with light coming through the new spring leaves.
Dad painting
 It is good to see my Dad painting. He's really good but he says he's not. No one can paint trees like Dad.
The water was so still and the day was cool but not cold. Perfect.
I hate pictures
Did I mention I had forgotten the linseed oil back at the cabin and my sweet Dad went back to get it for me? Talk about kind! While he was gone I had two dogs come up and bark then come sniff my paints. At least the geese stopped honking for a few minutes while they were barking. Ha!
I really love my pochade box. I think I've mentioned that multiple times. But it's really compact and I can paint right on my lap. It fits in my backpack really nicely with room to spare. 
It was much more beautiful that day than my painting but I do love learning from nature. My goal is to get out once a week. Hope I can do it.


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