Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"Sky Fire" 26x48, Oil on Canvas

24x48, Oil on Canvas
I just finished this commission yesterday. I am so grateful it went so smoothly as the dear woman who commissioned it loves it! Yeah!
All I can say is prayer always comes through the process of painting. I pray before and during the painting process. Sometimes in just phrases of, "Please help me Lord," to longer prayers for the person who commissioned the piece. In Medieval times the apprentice would learn from the Master Artist how to do everything that pertained to painting. I read that they also learned through each step to pray over every layer of paint. It makes me think how much we need that today. I need it. If I shift my thoughts to Him and His love I always find my center, my joy, my life. Don't for a minute think I'm not nervous before a blank canvas. I am! And prayer helps that too. Just as it steadies my thoughts and heart it also opens up the process to something greater. God IN all things. From my waking to my eating to my working and my sleep.


  1. Oh, Miss Dawn!!!! That is AWESOME!!! SO BEAUTIFUL it takes my breath away too. Can you imagine if this painting were about twenty FEET wide? It'd knock folks plumb off'n their feet, it would...lol! Good work girl....praise God!

    1. Mark, bless you my friend. Thank you for the encouraging words! :)