Tuesday, December 3, 2013

"Tendrils" 36x60, Oil on Canvas

"Tendrils" 36x60, Oil on Canvas
With all that has been going on I have been so thankful that my time in the studio has still been productive! Praise God for that. 
I love the way clouds curl and thicken in spots and thin in others. I get excited painting back lit clouds as they either keep the light filtered or they make little openings for the light to come through.  With this painting I wanted to keep the blue a true blue for the sky and so I mixed Ultramarine (which is a usually purple blue) with Cerulean blue (a light blue).  With the foreground clouds I went with Paynes Grey mixed with the Ultramarine and a little Cerulean.  I liked that it looked like tendrils curling in a valley of cloud. Layers of cloud with layers of wind movement.
Please come out to Mary Tomas Gallery in January to see this up close.

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