Saturday, November 9, 2013

"Autumn in the Wind" 48x36, Oil on Canvas

"Autumn in the Wind" 48x36, Oil on Canvas
Finished this big painting today after several weeks.  I wanted to get at the feeling of the wind in the leaves as the light is starting to deepen into dusk.
Here is Texas we are starting to see the magic of Autumn. The leaves are beginning to change and the air is cooler.  The old trees in my neighborhood are still green but every day I see some differences.  On every walk I take I find a new beauty.
I referenced an old Sycamore with it's peeling bark and pointy leaves.  I've always loved how Sycamore trees have limbs that relax, almost as if they are begging you to climb.


  1. Dawn, this is a beautiful painting. I love the colors, fall is always one of my favorite seasons of the year. We have the opportunity to appreciate nature by exploring Gods' canvas as He paints the world with all the pretty colors for everyone to enjoy. Thank you for sharing your gift of painting with the world!

    1. I'm so sorry I'm just now responding to this sweet message. Thank you Lisa. You and I are so alike in that we both love the fall. He does paint in the Autumn doesn't He? I like how you said that. Bless you my friend!