Wednesday, November 20, 2013

"Into the Quiet" 12x48 on Canvas

"Into the Quiet" 12x48, Oil on Canvas
Getting some works done for the show in January at Mary Tomas Gallery.  The show will be called, "Into the Quiet." I love that inspiration to create into. 
Lately I've been reading a book called, The Table of Inwardness by Calvin Miller. I really needed to read this. It has helped me over the past weeks to get silent before God and let Him in.  To confess to you I just need to do it more often. Regularly. I find myself always needing music on (and I mostly love instrumental stuff) but even that isn't truly being silent.  I think I'm realizing that part of prayer isn't just talking TO God but actually listening BEFORE God.
These past weeks and months have literally been some of the most stressful of the year. Some of it is good stress some of it has to do with being a Mom and just watching your kid get hurt by other kids. At some point along the way I figured out that I am helpless. Truly helpless to stop the world. Duh. The only thing I can do it talk to God about it and then listen to Him as He shapes me, my daughter, and the world around me.
I laid in the bed with my daughter last night as she cried herself to sleep. There is no pain like hearing your kid say, "Why don't they like me Mom?" As if something were wrong with her.  My heart breaking in a million places but I also know that God loves her. Fiercely and with all that He is. I hold onto that as I pray with her for friends. I tell her that she is loved by her family and by God but right now her world is school and I pray God will provide in that place too.
I find my heart longs for quiet as I would long for beauty. I need it. I find it teaches me to wait. Hold out my fears and hopes and remember I'm the weak one.  He's creating something in that place that is beautiful in the pain.  For me. For my daughter.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Thank you all!

Dad, DeAnn, Mom and Me
Thought you all might get a chuckle out of seeing this old picture of my sweet family. I think DeAnn and I are wearing curtains...or we're about to go to choir practice. 
I just want to say a HUGE Thank You to everyone who contributed to the relief efforts for Tacloban. 
Today I ordered 186 prints that will be printing and then coming to my house for signing and checking before they go out to your homes.  It has literally been an amazing 7 days just to watch what God can do!
I would like to thank each one of you personally but as the orders started to come in I realized that it would be impossible to do.  Even this post with its typed words seems inadequate to me and so impersonal as everything about this process has been deeply personal.  However inadequate it is though I just want to take this opportunity to thank you so much for your generous hearts.  You have played a great part in making my 5 loaves and 2 fish into something that multiplied right before my eyes. I recall in the story that no one said, “What a great boy!” When they thought of the feeding of the 5,000 they KNEW the great one was Jesus.  I have been so aware of that these past few days as I have seen His beautiful love played out.

You have, to date, help to raise $3,125 for the victims of the super typhoon that recently hit the Philippines.  ALL the money will be going to World Vision (please go to: to learn more about this wonderful organization) relief efforts for the Philippines.  I have had orders from Iceland, UK, US, Norway, and Scotland.  I know that is of God as many of you are perfect strangers to me and yet God brought you to this website and you gave.

Today, November 18th I made the orders for your prints.  It will take about 4-5 days for the order to be finished and mailed.  Once I get them I can eyeball them, sign and mail them to you.  Please give me 10-12 days.  My hope is to have it to you before Thanksgiving or the first part of December.

Please continue to pray for the people who are suffering greatly in the Philippines.  I believe the words of David when he writes in Psalm 22:24, “For He has not turned away from the suffering of the one in pain or trouble.  He has not hidden His face from him. But He has heard his cry for help.” Thank you for hearing and giving.  Now as we give our bit may He grow it even more into love made tangible.

Philip Yancey writes in his book, Prayer: “I used to spend a lot of time asking God questions. Why must poverty persist…? Why does one continent, Africa, absorb like a sponge so many of the world’s disasters? When will “peace on earth” ever arrive? Ultimately, I came to see these questions as God’s interrogations of us.  Jesus made clear God’s will for the planet – what part am I playing to help fulfill that will?” I asked myself that recently and all I can say is it’s been a JOY, even in the midst of this terrible tragedy, to see what God can do. Thank you for playing a part in God’s story.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Art for Tacloban (The Philippines)

Philippine Flag
Many of you have been reading about the super typhoon that hit the Philippines.  The main brunt of it hit Tacloban a city located on the Northern end of the island of Leyte (yes, that same Leyte where MacArthur landed in fulfillment of those famous words, "I shall return.").  The pictures are beyond description.  Just complete devastation.  What was once row after row of cement houses is completely flattened. Where life with trees, animals and street vendors once were thriving there is nothing.  It reminds me of a picture after a tornado has ripped through.  Just debris and ground zero silence.
I was born and raised on the northern island of Luzon in the Philippines.  I have never been to Leyte.  But after reading the stories I could not help but think, "They are my people.  I must do something...what?"  After praying about it I have come to the conclusion that I wanted to do more than just send money I wanted to make this personal because it IS personal to me.  The Filipino people helped to raise me. They shared their meals, homes and laughter with me.  They became my window into a wider world.  A world I feel so honored to have known.
When I looked for a map I couldn't help but notice how close Cebu city was from Tacloban.  My parents, when they came to be missionaries (they were missionaries for 27 years in the Philippines), first came to Cebu.  It sits in the middle of the Islands of the Philippines.  My mom was pregnant with my brother, Devin, on the way over to the Philippines. They had never seen the islands before and at every port (they took a ship) my Mom said she would ask God, "Will it look like this?" She said that when she got to the Philippines it wasn't like any place she had ever seen before in her life.  And their adventure began with heartbreak and with joy.

Cebu and Tacloban
My sister was 3 years old when Devin was born in Cebu (the first of our family to be born in the Philippines).  A month later my parents would bury him.  Our family marker. The place we all know on a map by our hearts.  It was soon after that my parents moved to the Northern island of Luzon and started a church in Naga.  This would become the place where God would work through them.  This was where I was born and although I began life with the same sickness as my brother, I lived.
The Philippines sees on average about 19-20 typhoons a year. Storms are nothing new to this part of the world.  One of the most striking childhood memories I have is of a typhoon that was coming through Naga and how my mother was literally yelling at the top of her lungs for me to get out of bed and I could not hear her. That is how much the wind was screaming. I was frozen in fear at the sound of it and her voice finally grabbed me and put me back into reality.  I can still remember looking outside at the trees as they were sideways, literally sideways in the wind.  I felt the power of that storm in my chest and I have never forgotten it.
I think of the children and graves left by this super typhoon.  The markers for their families only they don't even have a body to bury.  I think about my fear at the sound of the storm and try to imagine the fear that must be thick over the island of Leyte.  Even today some will ask, "Will I live? Will I have something to eat? Will I find my loved ones?"
After praying and asking God what I could do I felt Him telling me to offer the 5 loaves and 2 fish that I have.  My art.
I have three of the most popular pieces (some are older and some are more recent).  All of them will be 8x8 (square shape). I kept them small so that the prices were lower.  One print will be $25 and for all three it will be $50.  This is on archival paper and will be signed by me (and eyeballed) before shipping.  ALL proceeds will go to World Vision disaster relief for Leyte.
"Tree of Protection" will be available in 8x8
"Redemption" will be available in 8x8
"Aslan is Coming" will be available in 8x8
I confess I feel a bit nervous putting this out there and not knowing if anyone will even order but I KNOW God's heart for the Filipinos. I know He has put that love in my heart and that He spurred me on to this idea.  I know He will be faithful.  My part is to just put it out there.  So here I am doing that.  If you can't give then please pray for the Philippines.  Pray for the precious ones that are suffering.  Pray for God's good hand of protection on the most vulnerable that they won't be exploited further.  Pray for hope and His church to rise and love.
Paypay buttons were taken down on 12/9/13. All prints were sent out and by the grace of God we were able to raise $3,583.25. Check to World Vision was sent out 12/9/13.  Thank you all!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

"Autumn in the Wind" 48x36, Oil on Canvas

"Autumn in the Wind" 48x36, Oil on Canvas
Finished this big painting today after several weeks.  I wanted to get at the feeling of the wind in the leaves as the light is starting to deepen into dusk.
Here is Texas we are starting to see the magic of Autumn. The leaves are beginning to change and the air is cooler.  The old trees in my neighborhood are still green but every day I see some differences.  On every walk I take I find a new beauty.
I referenced an old Sycamore with it's peeling bark and pointy leaves.  I've always loved how Sycamore trees have limbs that relax, almost as if they are begging you to climb.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Artists of Texas Show, "No Where But Texas" at the Dutch Art Gallery

"Out to the Road" 6x9, Oil on Linen
Very pleased to announce that my piece, "Out to the Road" has sold at the Artists of Texas show hosted by Dutch Art Gallery.  It also received third place.  There are some beautiful works in the show and I encourage you to stop by and see what Texas has to offer in the arts.  You will be blessed. Show runs from November 1 - January 11 at the Dutch Art Gallery located at:10233 East Northwest Hwy. Suite 420, Dallas, TX.  I have three pieces in the show. 


 Here is the writeup from the show:

"Judging will be based on the overall impact of the work. Our jury panel includes Hans and Pam Massar with Derrill Osborn, Art Collector and Dallas Style Icon. He is a Neiman Marcus legend who influenced fashion, introduced Italian menswear lines and the three-piece suit. After retirement he auctioned his vast bovine collection that was assembled over a lifetime. Mr. Osborn’s passions for interesting themes in art and antiques will be notable to see what his keen eye reveals. Our fourth juror is a former Vietnam Veteran, retired Cardiac Pulmonary Technician and Philanthropist, Tom Russell. When he breaks away from being a lumberjack or gold mining he enjoys expanding his exquisite art collection. We look forward to hearing what our fascinating panel of judges will decide and the details of what significantly captivated them the most."

For more on the show and to see some of the other works please go to: Dutch Art Gallery