Friday, September 27, 2013

"Redemption" 36x36, Oil on Gessobord

"Redemption" 36x36, Oil on Gessobord
It has been a particularly difficult week and yet I can truthfully say that prayer and Jesus are the ONLY things that bring hope. I finished this 36x36 yesterday.  I call it, "Redemption" as if there is a figure in the waterfall washed upon the rocks of this hard world yet beautiful in the breaking and letting go. I thought the canyon formed an image of "wings" or arms raised as the water falls upon the figure.
There are some prayers that you just can't speak with words and there are some paintings I just can't explain.  I pray the Holy Spirit will interpret my groaning and in that way bring hope through beauty, presence and grace.


  1. Something inside me warmly exploded when I first gazed at this painting! Thank you for sharing.