Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"Pool of Mercy" 30x30, Oil on Canvas

"Pool of Mercy" 30x30, Oil on  Canvas

I finally had a chance to finish this bigger painting after several months of waiting and learning.  I started this back before I even had ankle surgery as I was thinking about the word Mercy.  I came upon the word "Bethesda" in the Bible which was an actual place where there happened to be a pool called "The Pool of Mercy" or Pool of Bethesda.  It was here that Jesus healed the man who did not have the ability to even crawl into the pool to be healed.  Jesus showed us all through that story how mercy flows out of our hearts to those paralyzed by life.

As His great mercy plunges down upon me then I, in turn, ripple out His mercy to others.  Water is such a beautiful analogy of His mercy.  Flowing, cleansing, healing and life-giving.

Twice a week I stick my foot in this whirlpool at Physical Therapy.  It is glorious.  No really.  It is really the best part of Physical Therapy.  I wish I could spend my whole two hours in there.  The Therapists usually ask me, "Do you want a magazine?" And I smile and say, "No." I want to look at the water. The way it swirls and pushes against my weak foot.  I like to pray while I watch that water.  I ask God to help my children, my husband, my foot.  Mostly I just quiet down enough to really talk to Him.  I wonder if God let me have this bad ankle so I would remember Him.  How good He is.  How much He loves me.  How He wants me for Himself...and that is all because of Him.  Nothing to do with how desirable I am.  Great is His mercy.

I've heard a lot these past few days about Miley Cyrus. I'm so sick of reading, "Where was her Daddy?" or "What were her parents thinking?" or "What a piece of trash she's become." Because basically she is us. We are looking in a mirror. Our culture lives in the moment and does what it feels like and has an insatiable appetite for attention (please show me an 18 year old that doesn't want to be a pop singer or actor). If our biggest message to girls is: "You can be anything you want to be.  Being desired is the best thing in the world." And then they become just what we secretly wanted: a scantily clad female with a few peppy songs then I have to think we should quit clicking our tongues and get in there and love. People, children, families are being torn apart and we sit and judge. I say to that:  Miley Cyrus is MY culture screaming for love. Real love. And there are countless children who need it.  Let mercy flow.  Let it come out of us because of what He did for all of us.  Let our first thought be, "See His Mercy!" And we become the Pool of Bethesda. 

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