Monday, July 1, 2013

"Whispering Wood" Oil Painting on Panel by Dawn Waters Baker

5x7, Oil on Panel
This image has been in my mind a long time.  I am so glad it turned out the way I had hoped.  It has a Tolkien feel to it and after looking up some of the woodlands of Middle Earth.  I came upon this:
"The trees of the Firien Wood descended into a deep cleft called the Firien-dale. Types of trees in the Firien Wood included oaks and birches. The trees were dense, especially along the Mering Stream. There was a powerful silence under the trees that caused people to speak in hushed voices, and the forest was known as the Whispering Wood."
I love that.  Woods that cause us to speak quietly.  Oh, that we would all have the opportunity to walk in the Whispering Woods.

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