Tuesday, July 16, 2013

"Tree as Waterfall" 8x10 Oil on Panel

"Tree as Waterfall" 8x10, Oil on Panel
I've been experimenting lately and it's fun and frustrating at the same time!  I want something that's in my head to come out clearly on the canvas or panel and it just doesn't.  But at least I'm getting at it.
My mind has been thinking about the roots of things lately.  Some of that has to do with a show I've been helping with and another has to do with the ancient things that are so fascinating to me.  I watched a NOVA the other night that kept me up in bed just marveling at the earth and how it produces life.  Things like water, earth, lightning have been there the day the earth was born.  And they still speak of their creator.
For this painting I wanted the water to seem like a tree trunk crashing against the rocks with almost a root-like appearance. 
I'm still working at it but I liked how it went today.  Now for something a little bigger...

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