Saturday, July 27, 2013

"In the Shadows" 5x7 Oil on Panel, Plein Air Painting with Dad

5x7, Oil on Panel
Wednesday morning my Dad and I met up to paint "Plein Air" which means outdoors.  It was a great morning for it.  Cloudy with a little breeze.  Nothing like the usual mornings in July here in Texas.  Sticky and hot.  This was really pleasant!
After about two hours we looked behind us and noticed a huge cloud had formed and was headed our way so we started to pack up. By the time it got to us the rain started but we were already getting in the car.  "Oh well," we said, "we can come back!" and that's when we made plans to meet up Saturday morning (today) and finish up the paintings.  And wouldn't you know it?  The morning was cloudy, even cool with a little breeze.  So our colors hadn't changed on us either.  Talk about wonderful!
My Dad was my first art teacher.  I've always admired how he paints landscapes and particularly trees.  He is an outdoorsman at heart.  He loves to be IN nature.  He fishes, he hikes, he likes to shoot paper or can targets.  He just really loves exploring.  There was something really familiar today about sitting there listening to the wind and the birds and just silently painting together.  One of us would ask a question every now and then but mostly we would paint.  It reminded me that most of my life growing up I sat next to my Mom in church (because Dad was preaching) and I sat next to Dad to paint.
As I grow older I can't tell you how special it is for me to see my parents with new eyes.  It's funny that you get these "new" eyes when your hair is turning grey and you realize that you were pretty blessed in the family that God gave you.  You see so much more clearly. 
A special day turned into a soft green memory.
Dad and his wonderful painting

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