Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"White Fire" 6x9 Oil Painting

"White Fire" 6x9 on oil primed panel
Finished today!  I'm so glad to have the ability to paint even if it's just for a little while each day.
I've had some surgery recently on my ankle and it turned out to be a much more "in depth" procedure than I thought.  As I write this I am in a boot with crutches (going on 4 weeks) and in some pain.  BUT, the good thing is that the Dr. says I can get off the crutches as I start to trust my leg.  It feels like little needles going up my leg at the moment but I am determined to get off the crutches! ugh!  I have been VERY aware of how much I cannot do without my leg.  My summer is filled with plans that I have had to scrub out or have someone else "take" my kids to. I have three more weeks in the boot then 6 weeks of Physical Therapy.  My first thought was, "There goes the summer!" But now I am seeing the light. Although it makes me sad I have also seen a great deal of grace.
Women who have given me food (great food), cleaned my house, watched my kids (even taken them swimming, to their house, shopping etc).  Great people who have wrote me cards of encouragement and kindness.  My waves of mercy flowing down over my life.
I was journaling today and this is what came out: I don't believe someone sees God's grace until they give up trying to see the things THEY WANT!  I need new eyes. A new way of seeing. Oh, that I would not box God in when I suffer!  When I want it over I don't see the grace that is happening right in front of me. 
Back to the lightening. I love the beauty and awesomeness of lightening.  The way it sounds makes me jump in fear.  It reminds me how small I am.  In the future I will try a bigger piece but for now I just wanted to get it out.  Long ago I did one with a sharp flat edge and I like the soft grass instead.  I feel it more this time.


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