Tuesday, June 11, 2013

2013 Summer Group Exhibit at White Stone Gallery

"Behind the Cloud" 10x10, Oil on Canvas
I am thrilled to announce that I have been accepted to the 2013 Summer Group Exhibit at White Stone Gallery in Philadelphia, PA. Show runs from July 2nd - August 2nd. This is such a wonderful gallery with some of the most respected names in faith-based art. What an honor to be in the show!
Susan and Derek Hooks are the Directors of White Stone Gallery.  They have worked with me for over a year at really honing in on what I was trying to say with my art.  I am eternally grateful for their work with me.  One of the most amazing things that happened through this was that I was reminded that GOD cares about my art.  How humbling.  To think Almighty God cares for each of us to find something in this life that bring us joy and fulfillment!  Susan also said something to me that I have put up in my studio: "What is driving the painting? BE PRAYERFUL."  I found that sometimes I was creating to just create.  I had lost the purpose to it.  She helped me to see that I don't need to be painting until the Spirit truly moves me and to ask myself, "what is driving this painting?  Is it fear? or love?"  Makoto Fujimura said this to me once, "Create from love." I have never forgotten it.  Not only does love help us to find our joy, our passion in life but it overcomes things like jealousy and fear.  When we truly love others, this life, Him, we are free to be who God made us to be.
Back in May I was privileged to be at White Stone Gallery's 10 year anniversary hosted by Cairn University in Philadelphia.  Great names in art like Makoto Fujimura, Ruth Naomi Floyd, Ed Knippers, Ted Prescott and Joey Tomassoni were in attendance that night (to name a few).  I had been asked to speak about 10 minutes (following Joey Tomassoni! and right before Makoto Fujimura) on how White Stone had helped me as an artist.  Although VERY nervous, I did know that the things I would speak about were all things that God had done.  I asked for prayer and prayed even before I got up to speak...and God was faithful.  Although there were times I choked up I was able to share how God had greatly used Susan and Derek through humility, kindness and truth.  It was an incredible opportunity to thank them face to face (we had never met except over the computer). And to bear witness that God wants ALL of us.  Not just the nicey Dawn at church but the frustrated, people pleasing, prideful Dawn who need His molding.
I thank my sister, Dee Jones, who texted me when I got to my hotel room that night (just hours before the dinner) and just reminded me that God had given me this to do and that I should ask the Spirit to help me be free of any selfish or self-seeking motives... to ask God for words and then just wait and see what happens. Great words that were absolutely what I needed to hear.  Bless friends that speak truth to us in those vulnerable moments!
I want to thank Mako who told me long ago to be confident in Christ and be bold as I move forward. He has always spoke right to my heart and I pray that he will continue to be used to spur one another on to love and good deeds.
I want to thank Susan and Derek for imparting such wisdom, time and love into email after email with me. They prayed over what they said, they prayed for my work, they prayed for me.  I am so blessed and humbled by that.  As a faith-based artist we surely pray but to be prayed FOR? That is absolutely wonderful.
If any of you are in need of some creative guidance as a faith-based artist I cannot recommend to you enough the help of White Stone Gallery. You will change through the work you go through and it will refine you.  To see more about them please go to: White Stone Gallery
The last thing I shared that night was in Lamentations 3:21-22 "Because of the Lord's great love we are not consumed.  His compassions never fail, they are new every morning, great is His faithfulness."  Ultimately, the One to thank is Jesus.  He has been the faithful one, always ready to love and speak truth that sometimes hurts but needs to be said.  I am forever grateful for a Savior that does that for me.



  1. God is SOOO good, my sweet friend. I'm stoked to see what He's doing in you and through you with this opportunity. My prayer will continue to be that people who haven't yet witnessed His grace and truth, will see your art and turn toward Him. I'm rooting for you and am on my knees alongside you as He continues to unfold this incredibly opportunity before you!!! BIG hug, Jill

    1. Jill, it's soooo good to hear from you sweet friend. I pray all is well with you. I KNOW a big part of this is through the faithful prayers of friends like you. Thank you so very much!