Tuesday, April 2, 2013

"Sky Dance" Oil Painting

"Sky Dance" 12x48, Oil on Canvas
I am having such fun with these long canvases.  I tell ya, I may be on this for a while...I just got two more! ha!
I absolutely love the intense blues and orange/reds that you see in the Texas sky.  It feels like a dance between the cool and the warm.  Their is a push and the pull between the colors leaving the swirls across the open sky.

1 comment:

  1. Both this piece and the previous one made me catch my breath when I saw them, Dawn. These pieces are incredible--showing me how majestic and full of beauty our Dad is. Look at how He colors our skies--art for us to see every single day. Thank you, friend, for consistently reminding us all, reminding me, that our Dad is an artist at heart.

    Praying for your ministry as the Holy Spirit prompts.

    BIG HUG!!