Sunday, April 28, 2013

Oil Paintings in Grey, "Mountain Fog," "Woodland Mist," "Prayers in Grey," and little "Mountain Fog"

30x30, Oil on Canvas, "Mountain Fog"
6x6, Oil on Canvas, "Woodland Mist"
6x6, Oil on Canvas, "Prayers in Grey"
6x6, Oil on Canvas, "Mountain Fog"
After a long week I was able to get some of the grey paintings done.  I had a lot of fun just going through each one.  Some of them seem sort of sad like, "Prayers in Grey" but it just reminds me how sometimes we feel so dry and in need of God's grace.  I liked the image of this bare tree getting rained down upon.  I was also able to go back and redo a large painting, "Mountain Fog."  I used the scumbing method (light washes of white over the entire painting) to give it a distant feel as if the trees are shrouded in mist.  I like the quietness that I felt with it. 

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