Sunday, March 17, 2013

Darkness into Light Opening Night

Some of the friends and artists at opening night
I wanted to share with you how opening night went for the show, "Darkness Into Light" by Faith Artists.  We opened on March 9th at Jacque Lamy Gallery on Dragon St. in Dallas.  What a blessing to be in such a lovely space for this show.  The reception ran from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. and we had a good crowd the whole time.  Another praise!
One of our Faith Artists talking in the foreground
I had comments during the evening from the visitors and guests that this was the favorite of the Faith Artists shows we have done to date.  What a great compliment.  We are so pleased that the audience seems to be "getting" what we are striving after.  To share truths in fresh ways and of course to glorify God, the Master Artist.
 At one point during the evening I looked around the room and every artist was in conversation being encouraged or encouraging those around them.  I cannot tell you how this stirs my heart.
My husband and I in front of my piece, "Between Bare Trees"
Of course, it was a real joy to have my sweet hubbie with me.  He not only encourages me and prays for us he also shares his presence and support.  That means the world.
If you have a chance to get by the show please see it.  "Darkness Into Light" will be up until April 11th.  There are over 16 artists who put careful thought and heart into each piece.
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