Friday, February 15, 2013

"Matt and Melissa" Oil Painting Commission Final

30x40, Oil on Linen
Finished the Commission piece today!  I'm so glad.  This one was a real challenge but it was also a great discipline to make myself stick with it.  So many textures and colors.  I won't lie to you.  I am gently relieved. "Gentle" because it was a kind way to realize I'm sick of commissions!  I did learn through these past weeks that I need nudges and pushes to try things I would not normally do.  God can use those challenges to grow me and keep me relying on Him.
In the photo there is a couple sitting on the surfboard.  They had requested that they be taken out.  The surfboard was their place to look out as if they were seeing their future. 
Hope you all get some time in the next few days to sit with your dear one and just dream and enjoy the way God calls us in beauty. I pray Matt and Melissa get reminded of that every time they see this painting.

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