Monday, December 31, 2012

"In the Cool Mist" Oil Painting

18x36, Oil on Canvas
I got back from our Christmas vacation and this painting seemed all wrong.  It was like I was looking at a bare tree on one side.  What a difference it makes to get away from something you see over and over again.  I like it better as it seems more like a whole tree.  More green with the softness and cool still in the painting.
I always realize later I didn't need so many limbs but oh well! 
Enjoy the winter as your eyes can now easily glide over the limbs of the trees so graceful and elegant.
Oh, and here's hoping this is my FINAL attempt at the painting.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, my, Dawn. This draft is even more beautiful than the first two. Wow. And it almost looks like a completely different piece. But then I can see the steadfastness, the quietness, the protection and strength of it still. It comes through in a far deeper way now, my friend. What a testimony to allowing a piece to rest, then having the courage to look at it again. Thanks for sharing each version with us. I know this is a piece about Kendrick, but witnessing each draft reminds me that we are all works in progress and that much like you didn't give up on bringing this piece to its full potential, God never gives up on us as well.

    As always, thank you for your consistent faithfulness to what God puts on your heart, my friend. It consistently points me toward Him.

    Love you much!!! And praying for you as you enter this new year with Him. :)