Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Behind the Cloud" Oil Painting

10x10, Oil on Canvas

I'm trying some new views of the clouds.  The part I have always loved the most...those wispy edges.  I love how tenderly they lay against the color of the sky.  It's amazing to me how solid they are yet also how thin.

For "Behind the Cloud" I wanted to capture when the sun is behind it and frames the cloud. I liked having that little peek hole through it too.  The cloud reference I looked at was a blue sky but I wanted a red/orange one.  It was fun experimenting with the colors.

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut of how we think things should look.  We think it has to have such and such in order for it to be a real painting or "polished" when in fact the world just might need you to guide them to what EXACTLY you see.  I was challenged to just paint the things I truly enjoy and lately have found a whole new passion in painting because of it.  It reminds me of Georgia O'Keeffe and how she truly enjoyed flowers and made you look closely at them as her eye came up against the petals.


  1. Love your last four pieces, my friend. But especially love this one. And I love what you wrote to accompany it, especially the part about how you've decided to paint what you love. What you love has been put inside you by our Dad, and because you're painting what you love, it evidences another part of Him. Thanks for always being faithful to what He puts on your heart to do.

    BIG HUG!


  2. Thank you my sweet friend who always encourages me so much!