Thursday, August 2, 2012

"Between Bare Trees" Oil Painting

"Between Bare Trees" 16x20, Study on Canvas

This is just a small version of what I hope will be a 30x40 painting. I just had to get the idea and feel of it out of my head. I heard a song by a group called The Choir called Between Bare Trees and loved the words of that title. It got me thinking about how we have lost the power of the cross. It has become such a "used" symbol categorized to jewelry and decoration (and I'm not saying it's wrong to have them as either). I just wonder if in the hearing of the story of the cross we sometimes get numb to it too (our humanity gets in the way). Anyway, I have been thinking a great deal about trying to visually share the cross without using crosses. The two trees are the two thieves (bare and without life as they were not the hope of the world) and between them in this powerful waterfall surging with life that is poured out for our washing. Think of the lines to that wonderful hymn: "...He plunged me to victory...beneath the cleansing flood."

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  1. This is breathtaking, my sweet friend. It truly speaks the power of our Dad in the form of His son. It's so barren but so full of life. Mysterious but clear. It looks like something that would show how I feel on Good Friday. What a stunning piece, pointing me toward the devastation and beauty of the cross, Dawn. Thank you for always being faithful to what our Dad puts on your heart to show us.

    I'm lifting you up to our Dad, asking Him to give you courage and strength and wisdom.

    Love you much!