Friday, May 4, 2012

"She is the Sky" Oil Painting

16x20, Oil on Canvas

This is a commission piece from a husband to a wife for their anniversary. 

After talking with him he shared how his wife is like an anchor for the family, someone who is strong in their faith and love and does not waver.  He also shared how she fits all the puzzle pieces together and makes it work.  What a lovely legacy she is building into her husband and children. 

A little while ago we had some tornadoes come through Dallas.  It was a very hectic day of rushing to the bathrooms for shelter (as the sirens went off) and checking the weather periodically.  My 4 year old twins were huddled in the bathtub with me (dressed in full princess regalia by the way).  I figured if God was going to take us then we were going out in style.  Although the day was crazy I felt such a peace.  Not because I'm such a spiritual warrior but because I KNEW God had His hand on us.  My oldest daughter said it best when she got home that night (pretty late as they weren't running buses until 5:00 p.m.) "It was a miracle Mom."  She was telling me how there were all these babies out there in homes and none of them died.  You know what?  She's absolutely right.  When it was all said and done we had 11 tornadoes come through town ripping up roofs and trees but not one person was killed, not one in the whole busy metroplex.  If that doesn't show God's hand (the outline of this invisible but real hand) I don't know what does.

That night the sky was an amazing intricate display of pieces of cloud fit together.  The spaces between were deep red or blue.  I remember praying that God would show me this precious woman's sky and as I stood there looking up I felt Him say, "This is it."   She fits the puzzle pieces together in her family.  She makes it work.  She has strength (color is vibrant).  And you know what?  God is doing it through her.  She is letting Him.  She has an outline of God's hand on her life and it is showing through.  Her husband sees it, her children see it.

In a world where tornadoes rip through marriages all the time and uproot all the values we hold dear I get such an encouragement when I see a couple like this.  Hold fast to Him, keep going, you are a fresh wind to a stagnant world.  You are showing us how it's done.

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