Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"The Lone Oak" Oil Painting

10x10, Oil on Canvas

I revisited this little piece after getting some sound advice about it.  I like it better now and think the tree stands out in the storm as a nice contrast from all the blues and greens.

I had initially painted it during a time when I just felt everything was coming all at once.  The storm was pushing me down to the earth.

Today I received some news that a sweet friend who I grew up with in the Philippines died from a heart attack.  She was so young and such a sweet, tender person.  Her name was Princess and she truly acted with grace and kindness to everyone that knew her.  Not many people you can say that about.  I wept for that sweet loss today.

I'd like to think that this beautiful tree (in the fall of it's life cycle) is Princess.  The weight of the world was heavy on her as she did a great deal of work and ministry in Pasig.  She even shared a few times that she was tired.  I thought about how the world presses down and for some of us we start complaining or taking it out on someone else or even breaking in places.  Princess just kept pressing on.  She finished her race.  She let Jesus come right out of her the harder life got.  I can't ever remember a time she didn't smile or hug or tell me she loved me.  What an example.  Now she is a Princess in the arms of her King.

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