Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Wait on the Lord" Graphite Drawing, 16x20

16x20, Graphite on Clay Panel

I finished it today!  Wow, it's been about 6 weeks of work.

I wanted to show a moment in time where the child and father are in a hospital hallway.  We don't know who is hurt or sick all we know is that they are having to wait behind shut doors.  I had the little girl put her head on her Daddy's arm as she faces towards the viewer so that we see her face during her waiting.  She is in a quiet prayer.

What does it mean to "mount up with wings like eagles" while we are waiting?  I wanted to show that even though the little girl and Father are waiting, motionless the Spirit around them is moving and at work.  Almost like a active waiting.  When we lean on God He promises to be there.

If your like me you get tired of waiting.  Waiting to get your groceries checked out, waiting for the ATM, waiting at red lights...

"But then there are the harder waits: a childless couple waiting for a child; a single person waiting for marriage; an addict waiting for deliverance; a spouse waiting for a kind and gentle word; a worried patient waiting for a diagnosis from a doctor.

What we wait for, however, is far less important than what God is doing while we wait. In such times He works in us to develop those hard-to-achieve spiritual virtues of meekness, kindness, and patience with others. But more important, we learn to lean on God alone."  (taken from Commentary on the Old Testament by Walvoord and Zuck).

I like to think that "mounting up with wings like eagles" means that we are given the emotional and spiritual support to live free lives in Him.  We know that all things may not be good but we have a God who loves us in that place, who seeks after us, who revives us to life. 

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