Sunday, October 30, 2011

"Softening" Oil Painting

6x9, Oil on Canvas

Finished this little plein aire study yesterday.  I had gotten the shot of these trees on Monday when a beautiful blue mist came through our neighborhood.  It softened everything from the grass to the trees and the morning light.  In some ways it's hard for me to just leave things alone and not try to intensify or put more detail into pieces. This was good practice for me to work towards that subtle light and form.  So much beauty in just those hints.

I finished it off yesterday looking at those trees in the stark afternoon light.  It's amazing how with the soft filtering of the mist how I looked at the bending and reaching of the limbs more carefully than if I had just seen them in the full light.  Another thing that these subtleties bring: being more clear on what you DO see.

I'm working on getting a few little works done for the upcoming show at the Lakewood Home Tour and Market.  In the meantime the temperatures have dropped a little and it's just too beautiful to be inside.  I'm trying to get out and paint more.  Yes, even when I have to help little girls climb trees and collect dirt.

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