Monday, September 19, 2011

"Oak in the Rain" Oil Painting

10x10 Oil on Canvas

I've been sitting in Psalm 40 lately.  It begins, "I waited patiently for the Lord and He turned to me and heard my cry."  I have a hard time being patient in storms.  I want them to be done.  I want to learn my "lesson" and then move on.  I've been thinking about the dialog in this verse that doesn't even use words.  As I wait He is turning to me already.  He heard me as I just STARTED to cry.  Not while the storm was pummeling me and I cried out for mercy.  As the tears started to well up in my eyes He heard me. 

Throughout this Psalm David is reminding God of his ordeal, his situation, his struggle and pleading with God to not be forgotten or silent.  Ever felt like that?  Ever heard the sound of a strong rain and been able to cry so loudly that no one else in the whole house could hear you?  Sometimes those storms can sound so big that they drown out everything else.  I keep reminding myself that God likes to use the quiet of our hearts, the still voice, the whisper to communicate.  I think being patient means being still and listening with "tears" in our ears.  

I think of an oak tree.  How still it is throughout it's life.  Yes, it sways in the wind and bends but it doesn't go anywhere.  It doesn't have a path to chart or somewhere else to be.  It remains fixed to it's spot especially if the roots are sure and held fast.  I love the symbolism in that.  We are given circumstances throughout our life that pummel us and seek to rip us apart with the fury of the storm.  Yet, if we have our roots sure we can be still.  We can bend to the wind but not yield.  We can wait patiently on the Lord even when the world is whipping and thrashing all around.  We can be held in place by a God who turned to face us, so He could hear us and whisper, "I've got you."

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  1. Absolutely LOVE this one! Thinking of you and praying for you, friend--for your painting and for the bible studies. -Jill