Friday, August 12, 2011

"Misty Mountain" 30x30, Oil Painting

30x30, Oil on Canvas

I had done a little 6x6 of this image and bought a 30x30 to do one larger.  I stared at this blank box for a few days thinking, "Oh, that's big."  I wondered if I could actually do the same thing again only bigger. 

I have to tell you that I just prayed and felt a great joy while doing this painting.  I do believe that trees speak to us and now have found a way to incorporate "clouds" in with the trees.  Well, I love it.  If your like me you feel a sense of fear sometimes in doing something that's "new ground."  Can I just share that I think God loves for us to call upon Him in those times.  He loves to be ASKED into our world.

Through the painting I went back and put in more trees than it's little twin 6x6.  I also liked leaving it sparse with just the feeling of the trees in the mist.  I like the mystery that mist conveys the haunting and yet softness of it.

Well, now I'm wanting to get some more 30x30 canvases...

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