Friday, July 15, 2011

"Narnia" Oil Painting (final, I hope!)

Oil on Canvas, 22x28

O.k. so I should stop saying, "final" when I keep going back to this painting with ONE more idea!  But, I do think it's finally finished.  I woke up this morning thinking of making snowflakes with a toothbrush and knife (to flick the toothbrush bristles with) and then coming back and putting some larger flakes in.  I liked the feel of it and then realized, "uh-oh.  The tree branches would have some snow on them..." so went back in there and put some snow on them.  Yikes this painting has so many layers to it...

I wanted it to be like it had just started snowing on already unbroken snow.  Anyway, I hope it makes for cool thoughts.  Maybe this was what Lucy saw when she came out of the wardrobe.  Now where is Mr. Tumnus?

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  1. LOVE this one! I bet it's unbelievable in person. And I love that you told us you used a toothbrush when creating this. I thought this piece captured a quietness and solitude when you first posted it. And now that peace is even more captivating and pronounced. Thanks for your consistent willingness to share your work with us, Dawn. And sharing your creative process. I love watching your work evolve into what God intends it to be! -Jill