Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Oil Painting of "Judas Tree" (detail and mist)

Almost done with this one.  It's taken a while because of all the detail and wouldn't you know it? The mist covers most of the detail work anyway! ha!  Just like me to do more work than is needed.  Oh well.  I learned a great deal doing it.

Do you see the Judas figure in the tree?  He is supposed to be there.  I will talk more about the painting when I am done.  For now I am just giving you the left side of the painting as I still have the right to get done.  Please pray for me to get this finished soon as I have a commission waiting.

I went in with grey/blue tones on the bark and used a Black Locust tree for the symbol of Judas Iscariot.

Everyday I go in the studio I ask God's help and He has been ever faithful.  I realize this won't be hanging in anyone's house but it has been in my mind and heart a long time.  It's been good to get to it.


  1. Sweet Dawn,

    This is an incredible piece, Dawn. The truth that seeps from it is astounding. I love how the colors evoke an eerie feeling, communicating to us that the absence of our Lord, the absence of His light leaves us in the dark, in the mist, in the fog. I also thought of this piece when our pastor juxtaposed Peter against Judas this morning. He talked of how both men betrayed the Lord, but the path each man chose after the betrayal led to very different outcomes--this piece evidences one man's choice.

    I can't wait to see this piece when you finish it. As I've said before, the detail is incredible. (Thank you for that explanation in your email.) I'm praying for you as you complete this one. And I'm also praying for you as you brainstorm for your commissioned piece.

    Love you much, Jill

  2. You are so right on Jill. I've always felt that Judas is the ultimate tragic figure in the Bible as he see's he is wrong yet still won't choose Christ. Satan gets us in our sins and prides and also in our guilts. Thanks for your prayers. I can truly feel them!