Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Still and Quiet Wood (bigger)

8x10, Oil on Canvas

I had done a little mini 6x6 of this piece but wanted to do it bigger.  I have been thinking a lot about mood and putting feeling into a painting.  This one has a set mood with just the three trees, mist and simple coloring.

Seems kinda fitting to my life just as it was when I painted the 6x6.  I don't know what is in these woods.  It's unknown and feels a bit lonely.  Although I've felt a bit down as of late (after my surgery) I am also trying to wait patiently on God's timing, not mine.  It's hard when I want to get back to my life.  Yet, there is a sweetness here in the waiting. I get to see God reach out His hand and love me, right where I am. 

I've been trying to ask myself, "what am I learning while I wait?  what is God showing me?" and I hope to share some of that with you in the next few weeks as Jesus and I start to walk up the valley.  

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  1. I like that even when you are in the valley, you still have hope that you will get to walk back up it. Love you and praying for your Spirit!