Monday, May 9, 2011

Setting a Mood with Color

I'm starting on a tree that's been in my mind for over a year now.  It's called the Judas Tree.  I will explain more about it in later posts once I have it detailed and saying what I want it to say.

For this post I wanted to talk about mood and creating one with your colors.  This is so essential to what you are saying.  It's sort of like the plate your present your cuisine on or the setting in which you place your characters.  

I like to keep one foot in the fantasy artist door as well as the surreal one so it's neat for me to go back to these things in my mind. I then think of the Bible and the mood that must have been a part of the everyday lives of these men and women we read about.  So many times we take the Bible in our dry ways without seeing that God was also speaking through their tone and emotion with nature always a great backdrop of what is happening to them on the inside.

I liked the idea of going from dark to light and the mysterious feel so kept it with this piece.  I need to go back through and put some rough detail in the tree trunk.  Although I'm sure the real tree on which Judas hung himself on was probably not this "romantic" in nature it does give us a feeling of that decision he made to kill himself instead of turn to God.  


  1. Dawn this is a haunting image. (And, as always, I think the surrealism in all your work--this one included--is fantastic. It's one of the many hallmarks of a DWB painting.) I agree with you, friend, mood is essential to any piece of art. This image definitely captures the mood written in Mt 27:1-10. Thanks for always being vulnerable and posting works-in-progress. That takes a lot of trust. I look forward to seeing the next draft of this image.

    Praying for ya, friend!


  2. There is a sense of mood in this one with the soft blending and back lighting. I look forward to seeing you post more about the process.